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All Right, written and performed by Vera Toon

I’m a singer, songwriter, musician and writer, living and working in Los Angeles. In 2011, I had music placement in three network TV films, two independent feature films, and one network TV show. I have sung lead on two commercially available albums; one EP and two singles. In the same year, 2011, I also completed a project on the subject of Lewis Carroll that resulted in a seven song album titled “The Alice Sketches,” which won first prize in the USC Library 7th Annual Wonderland Award.

True Love, written and performed by Chris Ridenhour and Vera Toon

I was born in Colorado to a rodeo cowboy and a jazz singer in the year before the Berlin Wall came down. My mother taught me how to play music, and I learned how to play both the piano and guitar by watching her hands. At sixteen, I skipped my senior year at high school and went to the University of Southern California through their Resident Honors Program. From 2005 to 2009, I studied with independent producer, Lance Bendiksen in Denver, Colorado. 

In Your Heart, written, performed and produced by Vera Toon

From Downtown to Santa Monica, San Diego to the Inland Empire, I played the Southern California music scene while going to school.  My favorite place to work and play is downtown LA, where I live. Another downtown producer, Eiuro, produced a track called "Cross My Heart" which I wrote for a climactic scene in the recently aired MTV horror comedy show, “Death Valley.” Another track, “Coming 4 U” was also placed in a 2011 independent feature film.

bflat9, written, performed and produced by Vera Toon

In 2010 I worked with composer Chris Ridenhour, collaborating on both melody and lyrics for songs placed in several SyFy Network creature films for which I also did vocals. Chris also placed several of my existing compositions in these films, including the Debbie Gibson and Tiffany flick “Mega Python vs Gatoroid” which beat Kim Kardashian's wedding in Rolling Stones’ “20 Best TV Moments of 2011.” Another of my songs, “All Right” was also featured in the Lifetime Network's “Born Bad.”

Still Holding You, written, performed and produced by Vera Toon

In 2012, I had multiple songs placed in the feature film, “2-Headed Shark Attack,” and in 2013 I had co-wrote a track that was used for the 2014 feature film, “11 Seconds.” So far, I have played with six groups, from punk rock to classical. I’m always developing my own compositions, while I work as a freelance vocalist and songwriter. I have optimism for this ever-changing world, and if the universe so abides, I intend to continue doing what I have always wanted to do - writing, singing, playing, performing, and recording music. Thank you for visiting. :-)